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Body Massage in Goa

Emmy Massage Center is a most popular body massage spa in Goa. After long days of work, people can begin to feel their energies go down and therefore their productivity decreases. This is why it is recommended to carry out activities that help escape from the daily routine. To achieve this purpose, spas are presented as a good option, where you can find different services.

Depending on the spa you choose at female to male body massage center in Goa, you will find from the immersion in new cultures, through massages with oriental origin, to the so-called health tourism that will allow you to opt for treatments to reduce sizes and tone. The truth is that, regardless of your choice, after leaving the spa you will realize that you obtained some or all of the following benefits: elimination of toxins, muscle relaxation, hydration in the skin, increase in body and mental energy, reduction of stress, among others.

This is why our massage parlour in Goa brings you the best massage services at cost-effective price. At Emmy massage Center, our full body massage spa in Goa you will find a wide range of services originating in the traditional oriental culture, which include the use of hot stones, aromatic oils and medicinal plants. We offer reflexology, traditional Thai massage, massage for athletes, massage for pregnant women, among others.

Some of our special massages Services at our body massage center in Goa are as follow

At Massage Center in Goa, We Provide Foot treatments and back massage

Body Massage in Goa

The benefits of our oriental massage are combined with a cleansing foot treatment. The masseurs try to alleviate the accumulated tension in the neck and back through acupressure. This massage promotes sleep. It is combined with an exclusive foot treatment that eliminates hardness with an application of cream bath. We have this massage therapy at our popular massage center in Mumbai, female massage parlour in Thane, female to male spa in pune location and best male to male massage center in Navi Mumbai etc.

Get Couples massage at Our Body Massage Spa in Goa

Couples Massage Center in Goa

This type of massages can also be enjoyed as a couple or with your best friend, and for 50 minutes, our chiromassages offer simultaneous treatment in a double private room. The visit ends with chocolates and tea or champagne to complete the relaxation.

Cranial massage and foot reflexology at Female Body Massage in Goa

Cranial Massage center in Goa

It has been shown that in the head and feet there are many nerve stimuli that influence many parts of the body, which is why foot reflexology and cranial massage favor the well-being of the whole body. In addition, our masseuses also treat the areas of the neck and arms.

Firming massage By Emmy Massage Center in Goa

Female to male body Massage in Goa

Treatment applied on gluteus, abdomen and legs. Recommended to tone the body and recover the elasticity of the skin. Our masseurs are able to reaffirm these areas with the micro-rotating of the fat through the use of anti-cellulite cream to reduce caffeine.

Prenatal massage for pregnant women at Female Massage Spa in Goa

Female to Male full body Massage in Goa

Pregnancy involves many changes for the body and that is why we offer a massage designed exclusively for pregnant women. The technique used by our chiromassageists dissolves tensions and relieves headaches and back pain. Recommended treatment from the fourth month of pregnancy.

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