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Massage Center in Mumbai

Our body massage center in Mumbai offers a wide variety of massage techniques performed by our team of experienced massage therapists, many of whom have been trained in numerous types of therapeutic and holistic massage. You can choose the right body massage for all kinds of aches and pains, to detoxify the body or simply to refresh and revitalize. Here is an article about Whole body massage for reducing anxiety and stabilizing vital signs of patients in cardiac care unit. The choice is totally yours.

As we are a wellness center specialized in therapeutic massages, where the hands of our therapists will transport you to a world of relaxation and total peace, relaxing body and mind. We customize your customized massage to maximize your goal when you visit us.

We at massage in Mumbai, offer decontracting massages, relaxing massages, special massages for pregnant wome and massages to enjoy as a couple or with friends since we have an exceptional double / triple cabin where you can share the wellness experience.

Different types of massages services that you can get at our female to male body massage center in Mumbai

Pregnant massage at Mumbai Female Massage Center

Female body Massage center in Mumbai

Emmy Massage Center have specialists in massages for pregnant women. Our stretchers are prepared so that the future mother feels super comfortable, having the possibility of turning face down to enjoy better the massage on the back and legs, until the last day of pregnancy.

At that stage when you need more pampering because of all the changes that are taking place in your body. Indicated to relieve muscular and postural tensions, activate circulation, improve lymphatic drainage, and eliminate tension in the area of the neck or where she needs it most because our massages are personalized for each future mother. Indicated from the first trimester completed and until the last day of pregnancy. Check this article which describes benefits about massage for health.

You can also give this wonderful massage by buying it online or by coming to our Emmy Massage Center in Mumbai to look for the gift voucher.

Type of Massages at Mumbai Body Massage Center

Massage Center in Mumbai

Swedish massage

This is the most used massage anywhere in the world. It is the basic relaxation massage. It consists of 5 main movements: effleurage, tapotement, friction and vibration. These massages cause you to relax and eliminate muscle tension, improving blood circulation. Our massage spa center in Mumbai has expert for this massage

Point therapy

Here we look for painful fibrous knots in the muscles to be able to relieve pain, even in areas that are not the back. It can be painful and is combined with other types of massages.

Sport massage

This massage is used before and after practicing sports. It serves to warm and loosen the muscles. It also serves for rehabilitation, improve performance, flexibility and muscle balance.

This type of massage benefits you get it from our other center such massage center in Hyderabad, Ahmedabad and Goa center.

Prenatal massage

Our Prenatal massage technique is used to relieve the discomfort of pregnancy. If massages are received during pregnancy, delivery is probably much easier. After birth, massages help balance the mother's body.

Massage with aromatherapy

It is a therapy that combines aromatherapy and massage. Here the essential oils are included to massage the skin. For this we use the best oil. This helps relieve tension, reduce pain and inflammation.

Foot reflexology

Foot reflexology is based on the theory that each area of the foot corresponds to an area of the body. If pressure is generated at these points a reflection occurs in the internal organs that have a problem.

Hot stone massage

Hot basalts are often used for this massage. It is one of the most relaxing and sedative. This is a great option for people with insomnia and / or contracted muscles.

So if you need massage services then contact us for the best female body massage in Mumbai.

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