Massage Tips: Massage Techniques To Make Your Baby Sleep

Massage Tips: Massage Techniques To Make Your Baby Sleep

If you have a baby in the home, you know the importance of sleep. But, what if the baby doesn’t want to sleep and you prepare the bed for him to find he stays awake for hours? Isn’t it the cause of worry? Sleep is very important for a baby’s cognitive development. You have been rocking the child for almost an hour, finished offering before-bed feeding while the lullaby song plays for hours. If nothing works out, you may massage your little wonder to help him relax and gradually drift to sleep. Massage center in Mumbai works even for elders and not only for infants. Massage is such a modern-day stress reliever that can invite good sleep. I give you some of the best massage techniques to make your baby sleep.

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Prepare the room | Massage Techniques To Make Your Baby Sleep

The temperature of the room must be around 25 degree Celsius. Play some soft music and place a waterproof pad on the bed. Give 100% attention to your baby and stay committed to this time. Soothe your little one with your soft voice and let him know what you plan to do. Have a teaspoon of oil between your palms and rub it. Rub the palms so that the oil is warm. Start by massaging his feet and move towards the head with upward gentle strokes. Keep talking to the baby all throughout the massage. Your gentle voice will relax him completely. Female to male massage in Mumbai is also an excellent treatment for insomnia.

A relaxing head massage

I personally believe that head massage is most relaxing. Take some oil on your palms and pat the baby’s head. Apply gentle strokes to spread the oil all over his head. Make sure you don’t apply pressure on his fontanel.

Thumb-over-thumb movement is a good massaging technique. When one thumb massages the head upward, take turns with another thumb that moves in the same direction. In the meanwhile, you may also stroke the sole of your baby’s foot. Delicately squeeze his heel, his sole and then massage the upward region of his foot. When massaging his upper foot, make circular motions around his ankles. When you apply upward strokes to reach out to the legs and thighs, use ‘rope twist’ technique, gently wrapping your hands around the baby’s legs.

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Supplies are equally important

Before you undress the baby, arrange all the supplies. Have the massage oil nearby and lay your baby on a soft towel. A reliable massage parlour in Mumbai makes use of proper supplies including aroma-rich essential oil.

Steps to massaging your baby 

  • Rub some oil on the fingertips and rub the forehead, cheeks and the nose of the baby. Draw straight and small lines on the face. While moving towards the neck, focus on his shoulders and back.
  • Gently massage his arms and shoulders using firm downward strokes.
  • Start massaging his chest moving to the stomach using small circular motions. Massage his back by rolling the baby on his tummy. Do the same at the back as well. Sit her up and massage the head gently.

Following the above-mentioned steps for only a few minutes will trigger sleep. You may also look for a massage center in Mumbai specializing in baby massage. If required, take medical consultation for sleeplessness.

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