Say Goodbye To Your Back Knot With These Massage Techniques

Say Goodbye To Your Back Knot With These Massage Techniques

Back knots are very common these days which occur just because of our lifestyle. The most common reason for back knots is the continuous sitting in front of the computer or else lifting of heavy weight in the gym. Anyways, whatever is the reason, you should always treat these knots the perfect way. Otherwise, it may cause loss of elasticity in the muscle. Knots are nothing but the trigger points where the muscle loses its natural mobility and flexibility.

You must have noticed that there are times when we feel pain in the neck, shoulder and upper back area. This usually happens due to the muscle knot in the back area. However, do not worry at all for this. You can get rid of such knots at home only by following some useful massage techniques. And, here in this article, I have shared some tips for that.

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Do it yourself massage technique:

  • First, find out the muscle knots in the back area. The knots will be usually tighter and denser than the surrounding muscle. They will feel just like knots in a rope.
  • Once you find out the knots at the back area, gently rub that area in circular motion. It will remove the pain outward and you will feel really good. Also, you can just simply press the knot area and hold for a minute. It will ease pain and you will actually feel relieved. I have used this technique at home and believe me, I have been benefitted

However, if you feel that the home massage is not helping you lot, you can visit the massage center in Goa and they will help here greatly. Several kinds of massage techniques are offered in the Spa centre while the deep tissue massage and focus massage is the most helpful for muscle knots.

Deep tissue massage:

This is a great massage for muscle knots and the massage parlor in Goa offers this massage at a very reasonable rate. In this massage type, the therapists apply firm pressure and slow stroke to reach to the deep layer of the muscle and thus treat the muscle knots. This massage therapy is very comfortable and you will feel highly relaxed after the massage. It releases all the trigger points and flexibility is regained back. However, if you feel the pressure is bit high, you can always talk to the therapists and they will do the massage according to that.

Focus massage:

This is another kind of massage which is helpful for the back knots and other muscle knots. The therapists use targeted and deep active release techniques to break down the knots. Deep tissue massage is always good for back knots. But, if you are short on time, then focus massage is best for you.

I will personally suggest you go for the Deep tissue massage for back knots as I have been received the massage and this works really wonder.

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