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Emmy Massage Center gives you the best scope of 24 hours body rub benefit, body knead focuses, body massage for men and ladies at home and men massage focuses with the powerful and auspicious conveyance.

Rejuvenate your mind and body at the Emmy Massage Center in Mumbai. We offer a contemporary, well-equipped, spacious and comfortable place to restore your energy amidst the fragrant atmosphere. Soothing treatments from the hands of the experts work towards refurbishing your verve in the most comfortable way. Check this article which describes benefits about massage for health.

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Our therapists ensure that you receive the most suitable treatment according to your requirement after a detailed consultation session with you. Experience a perfect getaway from your hectic life at our spa sessions. We cater to a variety of massage experiences that will help you relax, repair and renew your mind and body. Here is an article about Whole body massage for reducing anxiety and stabilizing vital signs of patients in cardiac care unit. Emmy Massage Center helps you keep up with your harsh and hectic routine through massage and other therapies.

We are known for our specific methods and services, for example, steam shower, Thai massage and other customary massages. Moreover, to give you the best involvement, we lean toward utilizing basic oils which help to mitigate your nerves and skin. The hot oil is rubbed so that all your uneasiness and stress vanish away and you feel satisfied from inside. This is the reason we are said to be the best body massage center in Mumbai.

Give us your time, and we will give you a beautiful and lively body.

massage in Mumbai- Things you should know

Are you looking for a good massage in Mumbai? Considered as an alternative approach for certain conditions earlier, body massage today is being considered as an integrative medicine. It has been growing in popularity for the benefits it offers. The use of hands-on techniques in different ways helps in relieving tension, increases circulation, improves sleep, promotes relaxation, and helps with anxiety. There are several more benefits that one may experience depending on their condition.

If you are considering undergoing a session of body massage but have certain doubts. Then here are some common questions and answers that will help you make a decision.

What should I expect after a session of massage in Mumbai?

You will experience a deep sense of muscular relaxation and well-being. Some may also face some soreness if they undergo a massage for specific treatment. However, this is temporary and disappears after rest.

Will I feel tired after massage session?

Every individual is different, and they may have a different post-massage experience. There are some who may feel refreshed and rejuvenated while there are others who tend to feel extremely relaxed and tired. One reason for this could be that body massage tends to loosen out your muscles and releases stress from them. When the muscles are relaxed, you may feel fatigued and would want to sleep. This is why most people prefer getting body massages in Mumbai during weekends.

How many times should I get a body massage?

This entirely depends on the reason to why to wish to get a massage or if you have a specific health goal. Some would like to get a massage for beauty reasons, others would like to relieve stress, and so on. Individuals usually get weekly massages to begin with, and then they reduce their visits to once or twice a month. Each one has a different body and may want to undergo body massage for a different reason. You must assess your body and goals to understand how often should you get a body massage.

What is the best time to exercise – before or after a body massage?

Several massage therapists suggest that you get a body massage after you exercise. This helps in increasing the circulation, promotes healing of injuries of muscles if any and helps in lowering the pain. However, there are several people who like to workout after a massage session. This is because they experience an enhanced range of motion and flexibility in their body. As we already discussed, each one is different and may have different views on when to exercise. You must understand the requirement of your body and exercise accordingly.

What is the proper attire that an individual should have when undergoing a massage session?

A massage session requires you wearing minimal loose clothing. Usually, the massage center will cover your body with a clean sheet while you remain unclothed. Only the area that is massaged will be undraped while the remaining parts of the body will remain covered. Individuals getting a chair massage for e.g. a facial massage doesn’t require to change. They can remain clothed at all times. You may discuss about this in detail with your massage therapist.

Why is water considered an important part of massage?

A. Therapists ask to consume water before and after a massage session. Massage causes your muscle tissues to release waste and toxins in the body. Consuming water helps in flushing out these toxins and waste, clearing the way for your body to absorb good nutrients.

Does massage make you feel better?

Massage helps you unwind! It helps in releasing endorphins, a feel-good hormone in your body. Even the brain releases a natural chemical known as oxytocin which serves as an antidepressant and also helps in alleviating body pain. Several pieces of research also show that getting a massage gives you the same feeling that you experience when you receive affection from family and friends. Overall, it improves mood, contributes to good health, and reduces stress.

The demand for massage in Mumbai is growing each day, considering the various benefits it has to offer. There are different types of massage available, and each one has its own set of benefits. You must add massage in your regime to boost a healthy lifestyle.

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