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Massage Center in Mumbai - Get Relaxed Your Body & Mind

Massage Center in Mumbai

Our body massage center in Mumbai offers a wide variety of massage techniques performed by our team of experienced massage therapists, many of whom have been trained in numerous types of therapeutic and holistic massage. You can choose the right body massage for all kinds of aches and pains, to detoxify the body or simply to refresh and revitalize. Here is an article about Whole body massage for reducing anxiety and stabilizing vital signs of patients in cardiac care unit. The choice is totally yours.

As we are a wellness center specialized in therapeutic massages, where the hands of our therapists will transport you to a world of relaxation and total peace, relaxing body and mind. We customize your customized massage to maximize your goal when you visit us.

We at mumbai massage center, offer decontracting massages, relaxing massages, special massages for pregnant wome and massages to enjoy as a couple or with friends since we have an exceptional double / triple cabin where you can share the wellness experience.

Different types of massages services that you can get at our female to male body massage center in Mumbai

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Pregnant massage at Mumbai Female Massage - Massage Palour in Mumbai

Female body Massage center in Mumbai

Emmy Massage Center have specialists in massages for pregnant women. Our stretchers are prepared so that the future mother feels super comfortable, having the possibility of turning face down to enjoy better the massage on the back and legs, until the last day of pregnancy.

At that stage when you need more pampering because of all the changes that are taking place in your body. Indicated to relieve muscular and postural tensions, activate circulation, improve lymphatic drainage, and eliminate tension in the area of the neck or where she needs it most because our massages are personalized for each future mother. Indicated from the first trimester completed and until the last day of pregnancy. Check this article which describes benefits about massage for health.

You can also give this wonderful massage by buying it online or by coming to our Emmy Massage Center in Mumbai to look for the gift voucher.

Type of Massages in Mumbai by Emmy Massage

Massage Center in Mumbai

Swedish massage

This is the most used massage anywhere in the world. It is the basic relaxation massage. It consists of 5 main movements: effleurage, tapotement, friction and vibration. These massages cause you to relax and eliminate muscle tension, improving blood circulation. Our massage spa center in Mumbai has expert for this massage

Point therapy

Here we look for painful fibrous knots in the muscles to be able to relieve pain, even in areas that are not the back. It can be painful and is combined with other types of massages.

Sport massage

This massage is used before and after practicing sports. It serves to warm and loosen the muscles. It also serves for rehabilitation, improve performance, flexibility and muscle balance.

This type of massage benefits you get it from our other center such massage center in Hyderabad, Ahmedabad and Goa center.

Prenatal massage

Our Prenatal massage technique is used to relieve the discomfort of pregnancy. If massages are received during pregnancy, delivery is probably much easier. After birth, massages help balance the mother's body.

Massage with aromatherapy

It is a therapy that combines aromatherapy and massage. Here the essential oils are included to massage the skin. For this we use the best oil. This helps relieve tension, reduce pain and inflammation.

Foot reflexology

Foot reflexology is based on the theory that each area of the foot corresponds to an area of the body. If pressure is generated at these points a reflection occurs in the internal organs that have a problem.

Hot stone massage

Hot basalts are often used for this massage. It is one of the most relaxing and sedative. This is a great option for people with insomnia and / or contracted muscles.

So if you need massage services then contact us for the best female body massage in Mumbai.

Massage in Mumbai | Get Rid of the Tension

Isn’t it amazing that a full body massage in Mumbai will help you get rid of the tension caused by your tiresome days?

Massage is one of the most common stress-busters of all time. A few regular massages can lead to improve blood circulation throughout one’s body. Besides, massage causes a reduction in stress hormones.

Health benefits of Massage

Massage offers a lot of health benefits to you when done it in the right way, and this is why we invite you to our body massage centre in Mumbai. The centre offers all types of body massages categorized in different packages varying vastly. The offered massages range from quick ones to full-body massages. It’s completely alright if you’ve got a busy day and can’t spare even one hour. We’ve got you covered by our quick and effective massage packages. Though we highly recommend you to try our full-body massages because who wouldn’t want to do away with the annoyingly destructive body pains.

Why Body Massage in Mumbai?

Imagine. As soon as you wake up, you’re haunted by the thought of the immense amount of workload waiting for you to get done in your office. You eventually convince yourself to get going and when you arrive at your office, your boss adds up more tasks to the already pending ones. You sit on your desk all day, scribble notes, read documents, work on your laptop- all just to complete the work as soon as possible. All-day while doing your work, there’s only one thought in your mind, “When will I get home? Eat my favorite food and finally rest in my comfortable bed ?”

While we soothe ourselves that this may be the best for us, most of us don’t realize that it is only a lie. Just getting home won’t mean an end to you back pain, which was caused by sitting all day, the headache because dealing with clients is stressful.

To eradicate the body pain, mental and emotional stress, all you need is a massage at our parlour. Our friendly staff will guide you throughout your journey to select the right package made for you! Eliminate your tension and get a full body massage in Mumbai!

But what about the cost?

Massages aren’t always that expensive as they’re thought to be. It’s a myth that massages can be afforded by rich folks. Going for a massage doesn’t mean that you’ll go back home with your pocket emptied.

Our body massage parlour in Mumbai sincerely values your money. Several packages are available, depending on your budget. The system is transparent and you are told everything about the package that you are about to invest your money into. For instance, quick massages cost lower than full-body massages which follow an entire massage therapy.

How does massage in Mumbai benefit me?

Each of us is different and different is the way we feel. Therefore, our body massage centre in Mumbai designs unique massage therapies, especially for you.

• A hectic week in your workplace can result in a nervous breakdown. Nothing can be more harmful than a burnout, especially if you’re living alone. At such a time, all one would wish for is a vacation. While you may not be able to go for a vacation, going for a massage at our body massage center in Mumbai is the best choice you could make! Our massage carries the potential to calm your mind, relax it, and make you feel as if you’re on a holiday. Soothing your mind isn’t an easy task, especially if you were to do it alone. So, don’t worry! We’re here to take care of it!

• Remember the time when you had knee pain, but you were massaging our thigh all the time? Yes, there happen some cases when you just can’t fathom out where the pain is. You keep on massaging some body parts but just don’t know the origin of the pain. An ultimate cure to this problem is our full body massage. It will liberate stress from all parts of the body that are prone to cause pain.

• If you are an athlete or a homemaker, we have got special full-body massages for you. If it’s a sprain, cramp, or it is your neck that hurts, or your arm, we can cure every pain magically at an excellent comfort level.

• The atmosphere at our body massage parlour in Mumbai is that of a relaxed place. We believe that along with the massages, a place has equal say in the way it makes you feel. A positive environment instills in you calm and optimistic vibes.

• These days, be it old or young, people constantly come with problems like gas and acidity. Most of us are too busy to look into our eating habits and change them. Little do we know that it is not just medicines that carry cure to acidity. Even frequent full-body massages can release the tension in the circulation of food in our body and cause relief in the functioning of our digestive system.

• If you commute to your place of work, we understand that the toxic air must have caused your skin to become extremely dull and no form of workout might have helped to get back your healthy skin. Well, it is high time now that you stop worrying. We have got the right solutions to your skin problems as well! Special face massages suitable to your budget, are offered at our parlour in Mumbai. Regular massages will help you recover your glowing and radiant skin in no more than five days!

Have you decided to drop by ?

We have an edge over others because we look into unusual issues as well. We treat your problems as our own, and massage accordingly. You also need not worry about the costs.

We offer hassle-free services. There are plenty of things that you worry about, but once you’re here, we guarantee that you don’t have to worry about yourself. Our body massage services have your back!

Things You Need to Know About Massages in Mumbai

Sometimes we get very less time to take care of our body, and because of our busy schedule, we cannot go to the parlour. But now you can book your spa service at your home from our massage parlour in Mumbai.

We all know that a massage can soothe your mind and body. It has numerous health benefits such as it helps in increasing blood circulation, anxiety relief, boosts immunity, and improves sleep quality. In this post, we will discuss all the necessary information about massage services.

Why is a Full Body Massage in Mumbai Important ?

When you don’t care about your body, it damages your skin for a very long time. Using moisturizer and sunscreen every day is not enough because your skin is still prone to environmental damage. That’s why you need to get a body massage service every month. It’s not only stimulates body collagen but also detoxifies your complete system. There are lots of benefits of getting a massage including-

1. A full body massage works perfectly for every muscle that is causing pain in your body.

2. A spa can help you with your digestion problems as it reduces the cramps in the digestive tract. Also, it helps to relax abdominal as well as intestinal walls when tense.

3. Massage helps your skin look brighter and healthier by increasing your blood level and warming up your muscles.

4. A proper body massage helps in minimizing muscle soreness.

5. 15 to 20 minutes of massage before an exercise can relax your body in the right way.

6. After getting a massage session, blood circulation improves due to the physical manipulation of the tissues and the chemicals that are released because of the body’s response to relaxation.

Getting a massage session is very good for health. You need to follow few essential tips after getting a massage service. Here is a list of Do’s and Don’ts that you need to keep in mind-

1. Don’t Forget to Drink a Glass of Water:

A body massage leaves you dehydrated because both circulation systems, lymphatic and blood, become sluggish. Most importantly, the lymphatic system cannot remove the toxin from your body, leading to a toxic build-up and it defeats the purpose of getting a detoxifying massage. So, drink a glass of water and remember not to drink alcohol after a massage as it can have an ill effect on your body.

2. Don’t Take a Shower Immediately:

Many people take showers as soon as their massage session has ended to wash off the oil. But they don’t know that taking a shower immediately after a massage is not good. The massage heats up the essential oils, and they need at least an hour to get absorbed into the skin. So, wait for at least an hour before hitting the shower.

3. Don’t Shower with Hot Water:

Never take a bath in hot water after taking a massage. In case you have any muscle injury, the hot water will exaggerate the inflammation. Instead, use a shower with warm water because it helps to relax the body without exaggerating the muscles. You can use an ice compress or cold water to get relief from your pain.

4. Don’t Eat a Heavy Meal:

As you know, massage increases blood circulation, which induces the body’s systems into a high-performance mode, including the digestive system. This makes you feel hungry but having a heavy meal after a massage only makes your body feel sluggish and bloated instead of energetic. So, always eat a light snack. If needed, the local massage therapist of Mumbai suggests the light food list.

5. Don’t Go Outside and Don’t Do Anything Tiring:

A massage sets our body and mind to a relax-mode and it is very important to let it continue in that state of being. Doing any kind of tiring activity like running or exercising can injure your muscles. So, after a massage, do some light activities like reading a book, watching movies, or do anything that relaxes you mentally and physically.

The massage parlour therapists advise booking a massage when you have at least 5-6 hours of free time.

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