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Massage in Mulund

Massage in Mulund

Have you booked a massage in Mulund but are looking forward to understand a few do’s and don’ts before you visit the massage center in Mulund? Here is a quick understanding of some things to remember when visiting a massage parlor in Mulund.

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Do’s and Don’ts When Going for a Body Massage in Mulund

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Dress Comfortably – Massage therapists recommend wearing loose and comfortable clothing so they can easily perform their massage strokes. It is common to undress completely, cover with sheets, and expose only the area that is being massaged. You must avoid wearing very tight clothing such as belts or jeans.

Do not Worry About Your Body – Massage therapists are trained to perform their massage so you are relaxed and de-stressed. They do not care about how you look and work simply to help you relax.

Shower – All massage therapists appreciate hygiene, and if you are coming from home, they would appreciate it if you shower before you go for your session. However, those coming in directly from workouts or athletes often come in for a Sports massage and are sweaty – which the therapists do not mind.

Come in Simple – When coming in for a massage and spa in Mulund, you don't need to put on heavy make-up, jewelry, perfume, a jazzy dress, etc. All clients are offered fresh linen and towels, and they are required to clean their faces and remove all types of jewelry before going in for a massage because the therapist uses special oils and creams to massage you, which requires your face and body to be clean and fresh.

It is OK to Doze Off – A body massage is very relaxing and can easily make you sleepy. It is perfectly fine to enjoy a few minutes of sleep. Your therapist will wake you up once they have finished their massage session.

Speak to Your Therapist – Everyone has a different preference in terms of getting a massage. While some may prefer deeper and more intense pressure, some would like it to be lighter and smoother. You must speak to your massage therapist and let them know whenever you are feeling uncomfortable. You are not being rude; Let them know what you like.

Do Not Eat Immediately Before or After the Massage – Body massage has an effect on the digestive system as the therapist uses various strokes to massage your body. It is best that you avoid eating immediately before and after your massage session. You should wait for an hour before you can eat something.

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  • FAQs

    What should I wear during a massage session?

    A: You should wear loose and comfortable clothing and disrobe only to your comfort level. All massage therapists are trained to respect modesty.

    What is the primary goal of body massage?

    A: The primary goal is to promote relaxation, alleviate stress, and address specific physical concerns.

    Do you perform body-to-body massages in Mulund?

    A: Yes, and with it, we also perform female-to-male Massages in Mulund.

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