Why Should I Get a Massage

Why Should I Get a Massage

Are you still unaware of the goodness of a body massage and have never considered getting one? Here are some reasons to why you should get a body massage:

Relief from Body Pain

Studies show that touch therapy has several benefits on the body especially when it comes to relieving pain. The effect is similar to that when we eat a painkiller – massaging activates the same part of the brain that painkillers do to relieve you from pain. Contracted muscle fibers or knots are what causes pain. When they are massaged in a certain way applying certain pressure, it helps in reducing the pain.

Improve Body Flexibility

Certain conditions cause your body to become stiff especially when it is a problem of the back. Even a 30-minute massage can help you bend and twist like how you used to when you were a kid.

Mood Booster

Massage increases the levels of dopamine by 31% and serotonin by about 28%. These hormones are happy hormones and have the ability to boost your mood. So, get frequent massages and always be happy!

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Helps in Sleep

A massage that lasts even for 20 minutes can help you fall asleep instantly. A relaxing foot massage is also a great way to relax.

Helps with Morning Stiffness

Certain sleep postures can be harmful, and it can strain the neck and shoulder muscles. Getting a stiff neck is quite common these days, it is not only painful but takes almost a week’s time to heal. A head massage or a general body massage concentrated on the neck and shoulder area can help you make your mornings healthy and pain-free.

Relieves Pain from Typing and Texting

Most of our jobs require us to spend several hours before a laptop or computer. It is not just the neck and shoulders that suffer but the fingers and forearm too. Get a body massage and ask the therapist to concentrate on your arms. This will help you relieve the pain from your arms.

Fights Stress and Anxiety

This is one of the leading causes of why people get a body massage. Sudden occasions, upcoming big events, meetings or even daily work can stress us out. A massage can actually calm you down and help reduce stress. There are several studies to prove that a 10-minute massage can even help the patients going in for a surgery maintain normal blood pressure and stable heart rates.

Helpful in Headaches

There are many reasons that can trigger a headache. However, the main reason is a tensed neck because of which the flow of blood to the brain is restricted. Studies reveal that weekly massages even for just 30 minutes lowers the frequency of headaches in an individual. Along with this it also levels down the severity of a headache experience in someone who has a chronic headache.

Massages have miraculous effects, and they can help you remain healthy in a natural way. If you still haven’t got a massage book an appointment at the nearest spa and indulge in its goodness.