What Are the Top 3 Massage Oils for Body Massage Suggested by Therapists

What Are the Top 3 Massage Oils for Body Massage Suggested by Therapists

Body massage at the hands of an expert is a way to unwind yourself from the hectic schedule that you go through every day. There are different styles of body massage where the therapists manipulate your body parts to relieve pain, improve blood circulation, release the blocked energy within you, strengthen your physical system and calm down your mental turbulence.

Oil plays a vital role in every massage session. Oils not only contain healing properties but also help the therapists in executing perfect movements on your body. All natural oils have special benefits, but there are some that the therapists prefer to use in their massage sessions.

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Here are the three oils that are most preferred by the therapists | Massage Oils for Body Massage

1. Sweet Almond Oil

Naturally ripe almonds are pressed to extract sweet almond oil. The oil is loaded with Vitamin E, A and also rich in minerals like copper, magnesium and phosphorus. Almond oil has a pleasant smell and one of the best carrier oils. You can add any essential oil to it and maximize its benefits for massage therapy. It fights free radicals in your body, boosts your immunity, has anti-bacterial properties and reduces inflammation.

Almond oil is quickly absorbed by the skin and can help reduce fine lines of aging, heal sun damage and fade scars on of your skin and improve your skin tone. It also heals dry and itchy skin and is great for skin conditions. I also used this oil and got benefitted a lot.

2. Fractionated Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is amongst the best gifts that nature can give us. Since raw coconut oil is thick and greasy, it is processed and refined to get rid of long-chain triglycerides. After the process of hydrolysis and steam distillation, you get fractioned coconut oil. This oil doesn’t turn solid at room temperature and is highly moisturizing for the skin.

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Fractioned coconut oil helps in relaxing muscles, relieves stress and also aids in reducing stretch marks. It is a wonderful skin hydrating oil and it keeps your skin soft without clogging the pores. It works for all types of skin including sensitive skin. Mixing it with various essential oils add to its benefits. For instance, if you add tea tree essential oil to fractionated coconut oil, it becomes immensely beneficial for an acne prone skin.

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3. Apricot Kernel Oil

Oil from the apricot kernel is rich in Vitamin E and other vitamins and massaging it on our skin helps in balancing your nervous system, relaxes the body, relieves stress, helps in body pain and enhances the flow of energy within you. Apricot kernel is light and it penetrates your skin easily and doesn’t make you feel oily or sticky.

It is rich in Vitamin A, linoleic acid and oleic acid which work wonders on dry and sensitive skin. It also has anti-asthmatic properties and relieves cough. It has to revitalize properties and is also anti-inflammatory on your skin.

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All the oils are loaded with wonderful properties. They work wonder on your body when massaged on your skin and this is why they are preferred by massage therapists.

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