Massage in Goa – How to Find a Good Spa

A holiday to Goa isn’t quite complete with a relaxing session of body massage. As tourists, we usually find it difficult to locate the perfect spa that meets your expectations. However, if you are looking to get a massage in Goa, then the tips mentioned below will help you get the most relaxing massage at a good spa.

Visit or Call the Spa to Check the Types of Services they Offer

Walk-in or make a call to the spa that you are looking forward to getting a massage done at to check what services they offer. Besides the regular salon services or massages, most spas will offer body wraps, sauna, therapeutic massages and different types of facial treatments.

Learn their Etiquettes

If you are someone who is not quite familiar with the mentioned services the employees of the spa will guide you through the procedures. Every spa has certain etiquettes they follow. You should ask them about how things are done at their spa. For instance, many massages require you to wear loose clothing that is provided by them – ensure that you are comfortable while doing so before you book an appointment with them.

Book a Session and Always be on Time

Body massages usually last for up to 90 minutes. Every customer is given ample time by a therapist, but they also have others to look to which means you should always be on the scheduled time to ensure you get maximum out of the services offered by them.

Check for Sanitation and Hygiene

Facials, body wraps, saunas, massages, pedicures, and manicures are treatments that should be done in a hygienic way. Several people visit a spa each day so ensure to check that proper hygiene and sanitation is maintained at the spa. Check whether the staff is using hair caps, gloves if required, aprons, clean towels, etc. Besides all this, the spa should also look clean overall.

Check their License if Required

If you want to utilize services such as microdermabrasion or permanent hair removal treatments then ensure that they have proper license to perform the treatments. A quick research online can help you learn about whether or not the place has been licensed. You can also question them about the equipment that they are using.

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Check their Reviews/Ratings

A good spa will always have a website in place. You should also check for online customer feedbacks, reviews and ratings to learn about the quality of their services offered by the spa.

Is the Therapist Qualified for the Job?

A therapist is someone who will be treating you with their skills. They use different touch pressures to manipulate the muscles of the body. The movements and pressure used by them help in relieving body pain, helps with stress and anxiety, heals injuries, relaxes the whole body and promotes general wellness and health. Therefore it is important that the spa you approach have qualified and experienced therapists or professionals. It is best that you clearly asked them for their experience and qualification before you book an appointment with them.

These tips will help you locate a good spa for massage in Goa.

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