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Body Massage Spa in Thane

Work, worries, inadequate sports practice and many other factors are responsible for most of the muscle pains, almost always located in the back, as well as headaches and other ailments, caused by stress and excessive muscle tension. We at body massage center in Thane, offer the best massage service to get release of your stress and tension.

Therapeutic massage activates the circulatory and lymphatic systems, helping to nourish tissues, exchange oxygen and eliminate waste substances. It relaxes the muscles and the central nervous system, releases energetic blockages that prevent us from maintaining a good physical and mental state, mobilizes fats, helps us differentiate tension-relaxation sensations and renews skin cells. In short, massage is a fundamental part of any comprehensive health treatment that helps us improve health and quality of life. Here is an article about Whole body massage for reducing anxiety and stabilizing vital signs of patients in cardiac care unit.

Therapeutic body massage is a technique aimed at solving ligament us, tedious or muscular problems through manual treatments and appliances.

We offer female and male body massage in Thane area and we provide home, business and hotel services. The masseurs are professionals with experience, motivation and dedication. Located in Thane Area, we offer a comfortable and quiet environment where you can receive a manual massage, without interruptions.

We want each service to be a pleasant experience, to forget the world for a while and to rediscover the pleasure of having time for oneself. For this reason we have professional masseurs and experienced beauticians to be a reference spa center in Thane.

In addition to being experts in massage and oriental techniques, we specialize in facial and body treatments.

Full Body Massage Parlour in Thane

Body Massage Parlour in Thane

Muscle tension? Accumulated stress? Back pain? Maybe you should give yourself a well-deserved massage during your stay with us. At our female to male body massage center in Thane we offer professional massage service with our certified chiromassager in our Massage parlour in Thane, surrounded by tropical trees and the sound of the waves of the lagoon and the song of the birds. You can schedule your appointment any day of the week between 10am and 5pm.

Bio-magnetic therapy at Thane Massage Center

Massage Center in Thane City

Also known as "Bio-Magnetic Pair Therapy", it is a treatment through the application of magnets in certain points of the body (similar to acupuncture) that effectively corrects a large number of pathologies and dysfunctions of the human body. The session with our certified therapist lasts 90 minutes. There are appointments available from 10am to 5pm. We also, provide same massage benefits at our full female to male body massage parlour in Kharghar.

Female to male body massage in Thane

Massage Parlour in Thane

If what you need is to pamper your nails or body massage, we offer a manicure and / or pedicure service that will leave you as new. You need a minimum of two people who require this service so that the specialist can come to offer their services. These services usually have to be booked at least one day in advance and are not available on Saturday afternoons or Sundays.

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