9 Massage Exercises Before Turning in to Help Your Skin Stronger and Smoother Million People Love

9 Massage Exercises Before Turning in to Help Your Skin Stronger and Smoother Million People Love

Everyone wants brightening and glowing skin, but it requires a lot of effort to have it. Simply by using your hands in the right way, applying up and down motion, you may improve blood circulation on your face while pushing out or eliminating toxic substances. Your skin health can speak a lot about your health and how you feel inside. People who are stressed and tensed or those suffering from anxiety usually have dark circles under their eyes and spots on the skin. The dark circle and the skin spots may be effectively dealt with by using certain massage techniques.

Shiatsu has a solution to all

‘Shiatsu’, the Japanese Massage in Mumbai stands for ‘finger pressure’. ‘Finger pressure’ is an old age technique to combat certain negative elements like stress, tension, anxiety, muscle pain, depression, and others. I suggest you to get Shiatsu massage done to benefit your body and face.

Tap your forehead and scalp

To relax and to increase blood flow towards the forehead, tap your forehead and scalp. Place both the hands over the forehead and run it up and down with a lifting motion. Apply some force here to lift your forehead with hands towards the hairline. Look for the best massage parlorsfor a relaxing massage.

Tap your cheeks and mouth area

You may tap around your mouth and tap your cheeks to boost the blood flow. Smile widely to stretch and tighten the smiling muscles. Look up the ceiling and just open and close the mouth. Make sure you apply some pressure when opening and closing your mouth.

Press your cheeks and chin with the middle finger and your index finger

Bring your index finger and middle finger together and press your cheeks with that. Press your cheeks, chin, the sides of the nose and also the forehead.

Use force and press the spots near the nose with the fingers

With your index finger and middle finger brought together, press the spots near the nose with the beginning of your fingers. Massage like this for 10 minutes by using substantial force.

Cheekbone press to improve blood circulation

You must do this exercise for at least 3 minutes. Follow the steps below:

  • Fold both hands and put them on the cheekbones
  • Apply substantial force and press them.
  • Move them to the two sides of your forehead from the two sides of the nose

Cheekbone exercise to slim down

Form a punch with your hands. Place them on the cheekbones and move hands from cheeks towards the ears. This is an awesome exercise to make your face slimmer. I have myself taken facial massages from a massage parlour in Mumbai to slim down my face. The results were great!

Press the cheek area exercise 

Use your finger joints and press the cheek area. This exercise is simple and a great way to increase blood circulation. Massage center in Mumbai specializes in facial massage.

Rub your face with the hands

Clean your hands and rub them against each other. Apply it on the cheekbones and gently massage. You may have heard about water detox and how it reveals healthy and glowing skin. But, now you need not stress over following a strict diet or exercising regularly to have glowing skin when you can just use the above massage techniques to improve blood circulation and eliminate toxic substances.